This is explained by Paolo Montrasio and Valentino Spataro, expert developers of b2b applications and  coordinators of the App Square, Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence of Technology Hub (Milan, 17 – 19 May 2018)

What are chatbots?

“Simplifying a lot, u n chatbot is software that receives requests and generates answers . In practice, a very sophisticated automatic responder. With some chatbots you already dialogue with the voice, with others you are still forced to use the keyboard, but it will not always be the case. There are chatbots that “live” inside phones, like Siri and Google Now, or even those that respond in Messenger and Telegram chats. There are those waiting for us on home furniture, like Amazon Echo or Google Home. Some chatbots are used to support customer service operators on websites. Others assist company employees in training with instructions, quizzes, videos and texts or help them find the information they need. All in general require updated and well organized information.From a business point of view, it’s a revolution: using the voice instead of the most inconvenient keyboard speeds up interactions. Facilitate and increase requests and find out what interests customers is something priceless. “

Tell us about some interesting case history in the B2B world?

“We quote a recent case of business training. A company had to quickly form thousands of employees as a result of a merger . It was necessary to know how to respond to new customers arriving with questions about each field. The important aspect was to monitor all requests to expand the training of the chatbot several times a day, all in Italian. Another case concerns a company that has brought production into contact with management . Before the chatbot the staff had to physically move from the factory to the offices to find out what was going on and when. Chatbot is done using the phone, with a simpler and less expensive user interface than a website or app. In that case it was interesting not only the connection of data to the chatbot, but also the security mechanisms used to authorize only certain people and only when they are physically inside the company. “

What will be the contents and activities of the App Square, Chatbot and Artificial Intelligence coordinated by you?

“We start from the solutions to develop chatbots to the skills to structure their contents . There will also be an introductory space for technology, with natural language recognition tools and AI in Italian and English. S Aranno presented experiences of public bodies and companies that are refurbished to lighten or increase the efficiency of its internal processes or relationships with the public. “

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