Do you need to store your belongings for an extended time period? It could be anything which needs to be stored. From a classic car to household stuff just because you might be planning a move or being deployed elsewhere. The biggest stress comes from having to think about storing all your stuff for a year in some place? Which kind of storage facility you might need. When how and where could you store your stuff?

The immediate solution is to put all your stuff in a long term storage facility. In order to make the most of the long term storage keep the following tips in mind.

  • Make sure to keep things protected in the best possible way. This means that all your items should be wrapped in bubble wrap. Also make sure that the boxes you use are brand new so that they can help keep things stay in place.
  • Avoid packing your clothes in plastic bags. This is because the plastic traps in moisture which can cause mould to grow on the clothing.
  • When packing clothes or upholstery and covers ensure that everything has been washed properly. Scrub the appliances, clean the furniture removing the dust. Whilst you clean let the things to air dry so that no moisture remains trapped inside.
  • Furniture should be disassembled properly so that it’s easier to store. If you can’t disassemble it on your own you could ask a professional for help.
  • Hanging clothes is a god idea. Get a few wardrobe boxes. Tis way your clothes can be hanged and you couldn’t have to worry about permanent creasing or stretching of fabric.
  • If you are planning to store wooden items you need to ensure that you polish each wooden item. This would prevent the wood from drying it.
  • All fragile things should be double wrapped and labelled. Labelling things would prevent accidents.

You can get all your packing supplies from the storage facility that you choose. When deciding on a long term storage costs in Melbourne consider the following.

  • Storage facilities come in a variety of sizes and designs. Deciding what you need to store can help you find the right storage unit. If its paper work then you need to ensure that you are putting it in a climate controlled unit. The car needs to be stored in storage facility with strong security.
  • Antique furniture items need to be stored in climate controlled storage units. In dry weather the furniture might split and crack, in humid situations it might become infested with mildew. This is why it’s so important to choose the right storage facility.
  • Choose the size of the unit wisely. Larger storage units would cost a great deal more. Start with a smaller unit, you could always upgrade when the need arises.

The location of the storage unit can increase or decrease the monthly cost. A unit in the middle of the city is definitely going to cost more. So choose a unit based on how long you can do without your things.